Saturday, November 14, 2009

Sell us on Cells!

Hello students!

In our life science unit on cells, we will identify the organelles. This is your topic for library research. Following the six steps of the Cub Research Process, we will brainstorm three subtopics to explore and learn about your element that you can record on your Research Checklist.

You are required to use both print and non-print sources of information, specifically, three formats (kinds) of information including an encyclopedia (The World Book Encyclopedia), a nonfiction book about your element, and selected Web sites. You may use Son of Citation Machine to write an MLA citation for each source of information, later to be written into a Works Cited (example) list.

You will read and select facts and use Cornell-style notes adapted to library research. Your notes should be in the form of facts. All sentences will be presumed to be copied (plagiarized). Summarize or paraphrase when appropriate. You will sort notes and use them to create a Google docs presentation that you will present to the class. Be creative!